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Please do not purchase this app; it doesn't work at all. I feel robbed, really dissapointed that Apple allows this kind of app to be at the Apple Store without previous checking.

Don't bother

Does not display map. Gives basic info on flight. Too many free flight tracker apps that does the same as this to bother with this one. Not worth it!

RIP OFF---wasted money


Not bad at all

Fairly fast, simple and compact. Does what I need, estimating arrival times and showing flight progress. Well worth the money Two suggestions. 1. Keep same flight on screen when restarting the app. Repeating the search is far more common than starting a new search. 2. Increase the font size of flight progress on map. I cannot read 6 point font with my contact lens Thanks!

I like it!

Yes, the data is from Flight Stats, which means it gets the same data as all the other flight tracking apps. So, what's different about Flight Tracker? It's fast, gives you the information you need, and it costs 99 cents! I'm completely satisfied with this app. Perhaps you'd like to pay ten bucks for the same functionality and buy a competitor's well known app... One suggestion to the developers though: persist the data. If I want to search the same flight repeatedly (and you know I will), I have to re-enter the flight info each time..

Money wasted

I just downloaded this app believing it would be unique as advertised. Data that is used can be obtained for free via flight stats. What a waste I'd like a refund even though I paid .99 cents.

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